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Will your warranty be valid? Do you have ice problems?

Do you have sufficient ventilation?


Give us a call and have one of our Roof Top Surgeons inspect your roof top, ensuring you get the best advise and products to keep your home dry – saving you money as well.


Inspections to ensure your Roof Top work has been completed in your best interest for years to come.


Knowing what you need and how to do it is your best defense against being disappointed now and in the future.

Drone Inspections

We can provide you with pictures of your roof showing anything that needs work by using our drone.

Our mission is to give you the best services and make sure we keep the standards high for roofing in the 3 counties as we have since 1976.

Our service allows you as a homeowner to find out and understand your roof top. The drone can detect leaks, damaged areas and poor workmanship.  If you are unsure of the work that has been completed before you pay your last installment of your roof don’t hesitate to call us for another look.  Our knowledge and experience can detect any problems now or some that are coming in the future.  We service Sauble to Wasaga in Bruce Grey and Simcoe counties.  Be sure your home and investment is protected for years to come.

No one wants to pay for drywall, insulation repairs, mould problems, or rotten plywood, do it now before it gets to far.

We aim to offer the best in the roofing industry in this area working for the people so no one is disappointed. Knowing what you need is the best defense against disappointment.

Before you commit to the work on your roof let us provide you with an assessment so you know you are getting the longest life out of your roof.


We offer a seniors discount!